How To Install

HOW to install

Step 0. Install Preparation

01. Prepare a OutBraker that fits your brake brand and the hose.
02. Tools: 8mm , 15mm Spanner, Allen Key, Hose Cutter, Bleed Kit
03. Cover the rotor with a clean cloth to prevent contamination.

Step 1. Remove the Brake Hose

01. Loosen the compression bolt using 8mm spanner.
02. Remove the brake hose from the lever body.

Step 2. Install OutBraker

01. Thread Outbraker into the lever body by hand first.
02.  Tighten hex using 15mm spanner (Torque 4-6N·m).

Step 3. Cut the Hose / Remove the Compression Bolt

01. Cut the brake hose about 1.5cm using a hose cutter.
02. Remove the compression bolt from the brake hose.

Step 4. Join the Brake Hose to Banjo Kit

01. Pass the brake hose through the sleeve nut and the olive.
02.  Join the Brake hose to the Insert until there is no gap between the hose and the banjo.
03-1. Tighten the Banjo Fixing Bolt using 4mm Hex wrench (Torque 4-6N·m)
03-2. Tighten the Sleeve Nut using 8mm spanner (Torque 7N·m)

Step 5. Air Bleeding and Oil Supplement

Bleed Air using its proper Bleeding kit and Oil for the brake brand.